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Prof Santanu Chaudhury Director
Dr Bhagwati P. Kashyap Visiting Professor
Dr Mahesh Kumar Associate Professor
Dr Ambesh Dixit Associate Professor
Dr Subashish Banerjee Associate Professor
Dr Gaurav Bhatnagar Associate Professor
Dr Kamaljit Rangra Visiting Professor
Dr Chandan Pandey Assistant Professor
Dr Comandur Venkatesan Visiting Professor
Dr Anil Kumar Tiwari Associate Professor


Directive contrast based multimodal medical image ...

Author: Bhatnagar, G. and Wu, Q.M.J. and Liu, Z.

Solution-processed molecular bis(naphthalene diimi...

Author: Polander, L.E. and Tiwari, S.P. and Pandey, L. and Seifried, B.M. and Zhang, Q. and Barlow, S. and Risko, C. and Brédas, J.-L. and Kippelen, B. and Marder, S.R.

Benzothiadiazole-dithienopyrrole donor-acceptor-do...

Author: Polander, L.E. and Pandey, L. and Barlow, S. and Tiwari, S.P. and Risko, C. and Kippelen, B. and Brédas, J.-L. and Marder, S.R.

Self-assembled amphiphilic diketopyrrolopyrrole-ba...

Author: Mei, J. and Graham, K.R. and Stalder, R. and Tiwari, S.P. and Cheun, H. and Shim, J. and Yoshio, M. and Nuckolls, C. and Kippelen, B. and Castellano, R.K. and Reynolds, J.R.