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Dr Ranju Mohan

Associate Professor Traffic flow theory; Macroscopic and Microscopic m... View Profile

Dr Trishikhi Raychoudhury

Associate Professor Environmental Engineering: Water quality and treat... View Profile

Dr Deepika Bhattu

Associate Professor Emission sources, characterization and secondary a... View Profile

Dr Sanhita Das

Assistant Professor Computational Mechanics; Constitutive Modelling; S... View Profile

Dr Mayank Suman

Assistant Professor Effect of changing climate on hydrological extreme... View Profile

Dr Aali Pant

Assistant Professor Geoenvironmental Engineering; Reinforced Soil; Sus... View Profile

Dr Monika Dubey

Assistant Professor Water and wastewater treatment; Monitoring and rem... View Profile

Dr Sreejith Krishnan

Assistant Professor Material Characterization; Cement Chemistry; Concr... View Profile

Dr Shuvajit Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Metamaterials; Wave propagation; Computational mec... View Profile

Dr Saran Aadhar

Assistant Professor Surface Hydrology; Hydroclimatic extremes; Hydrol... View Profile

Dr Suresh Kumar Padala

Assistant Professor Concrete technology; Service life prediction of re... View Profile

Dr Tekcham Gishan Singh

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Steel S... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar Dammala

Assistant Professor Soil Dynamics; Experimental Geotechnics; Seismic L... View Profile

Dr Debanjan Guha Roy

Assistant Professor Rock mechanics, reservoir geomechanics, engineerin... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Rathi

Assistant Professor Reliability Analysis and Design; Uncertainty Quant... View Profile

Dr Amit Sharma

Assistant Professor Atmospheric Chemistry; Air Pollution; Climate chan... View Profile

Dr P. Ravi Prakash

Assistant Professor Computational Mechanics;Structural Fire Engineerin... View Profile

Dr Bhupendra Singh

Assistant Professor Pavement Materials; Pavement Analysis; Pavement De... View Profile

Prof Subhasish Dey

Distinguished Professor Open Channel Hydraulics, Fluvial Hydraulics, Hydro... View Profile