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Prof Subhasish Dey

Distinguished Professor Open Channel Hydraulics, Fluvial Hydraulics, Hydro... View Profile

Dr Trishikhi Raychoudhury

Associate Professor Environmental Engineering: Water quality and treat... View Profile

Dr Debanjan Guha Roy

Assistant Professor Rock mechanics, reservoir geomechanics, engineerin... View Profile

Dr Deepika Bhattu

Assistant Professor Emission sources, characterization and secondary a... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar Dammala

Assistant Professor Soil Dynamics; Experimental Geotechnics; Seismic L... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Rathi

Assistant Professor Reliability Analysis and Design; Uncertainty Quant... View Profile

Dr Amit Sharma

Assistant Professor Atmospheric Chemistry; Air Pollution; Climate chan... View Profile

Dr Bhupendra Singh

Assistant Professor Pavement Materials; Pavement Analysis; Pavement De... View Profile

Dr Tekcham Gishan Singh

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Steel S... View Profile

Dr P. Ravi Prakash

Assistant Professor Computational Mechanics;Structural Fire Engineerin... View Profile

Dr Saran Aadhar

Assistant Professor Surface Hydrology; Hydroclimatic extremes; Hydrol... View Profile

Dr Aali Pant

Assistant Professor Geoenvironmental Engineering; Reinforced Soil; Sus... View Profile

Dr Mayank Suman

Assistant Professor Effect of changing climate on hydrological extreme... View Profile

Dr Sanhita Das

Assistant Professor Computational Mechanics; Constitutive Modelling; S... View Profile

Dr Monika Dubey

Assistant Professor Water and wastewater treatment; Monitoring and rem... View Profile

Dr Suresh Kumar Padala

Assistant Professor Concrete technology; Service life prediction of re... View Profile

Dr Sreejith Krishnan

Assistant Professor Material Characterization; Cement Chemistry; Concr... View Profile