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Dr Ravi Bhandari

Young Faculty Associate Mobile and Pervasive Systems; Intelligent Transpor... View Profile

Prof Mayank Vatsa

Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ... View Profile

Prof Richa Singh

Professor Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition; Biometrics;... View Profile

Prof Santanu Chaudhury

Director Computer Vision, Computational Intelligence, Multi... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Harit

Associate Professor Image and Video Analysis... View Profile

Dr Somitra Sanadhya

Associate Professor Cryptography; Quantum Computation; ... View Profile

Dr Angshuman Paul

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Medical Image Analysis; Machine Learning; Computer... View Profile

Dr Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Computer Vision... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kalra

Assistant Professor Software Architecture, Data Analytics, IoT, Smart ... View Profile

Dr Yashaswi Verma

Assistant Professor Applied Machine Learning and Computer Vision... View Profile

Dr Deepak Mishra

Assistant Professor Computer Science Interdisciplinary... View Profile

Dr Debasis Das

Assistant Professor Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks(VANETs), Internet of Veh... View Profile

Dr Suman Kundu

Assistant Professor Social Network Analysis; Granular Computing; Netwo... View Profile

Dr Anand Mishra

Assistant Professor Computer Vision; Deep Learning; Knowledge Graph; M... View Profile

Dr Pallavi Jain

Assistant Professor Parameterized Complexity and Algorithms; Kerneliza... View Profile

Dr Romi Banerjee

Assistant Professor Artificial General Intelligence; Natural Language ... View Profile

Dr Dip Sankar Banerjee

Assistant Professor Research interests in Computer Architecture, Data ... View Profile

Dr Suchetana Chakraborty

Assistant Professor My research interests lie in the areas of wireless... View Profile