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Dr Gaurav Bhatnagar

Professor Wavelet Analysis, Fractional Transform Theory, Mul... View Profile

Dr Mandira Mondal

Inspire Faculty Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr V. V. M. S Chandramouli

Associate Professor Dynamical Systems, Renormalization theory in low-d... View Profile

Dr Kirankumar R. Hiremath

Associate Professor Theoretical, mathematical and computational aspect... View Profile

Dr Puneet Sharma

Associate Professor Topological Dynamics, Low Dimensional Chaos... View Profile

Dr Vivek Vijay

Associate Professor Financial Risk Analysis, Categorical Data Analysis... View Profile

Dr Nil Kamal Hazra

Associate Professor Reliability Theory, Applied Probability... View Profile

Dr Dilpreet Kaur

Associate Professor Algebra (Group Theory)... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Sarkar

Associate Professor Elliptic Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Sukhendu Ghosh

Associate Professor Hydrodynamic Instability; Differential Equations; ... View Profile

Dr Pradip Sasmal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Frame theory ; Sparse optimization theory ; Reinfo... View Profile

Dr Moumita Mandal

Assistant Professor Numerical Functional Analysis, Integral Equation... View Profile

Dr Tuhina Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Analysis of Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Md Abu Talhamainuddin Ansary

Assistant Professor Numerical Optimization; Multi-objective Optimizati... View Profile

Dr Bimal Mandal

Assistant Professor Cryptology, Cryptographic Boolean Functions... View Profile

Dr Mriganka Mandal

Assistant Professor I am broadly interested in Theoretical Computer Sc... View Profile

Dr Subhash Bhagat

Assistant Professor Distributed algorithms for Swarm Robotics, Multi-a... View Profile

Dr Moni Kumari

Assistant Professor Number Theory... View Profile

Dr Kuntal Som

Assistant Professor Set-valued Optimization; Bilevel Programming; Nons... View Profile