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Dr Kaushal A. Desai

Professor CNC Machine Tools; CAD/CAM; Smart Manufacturing; P... View Profile

Dr Prodyut Ranjan Chakraborty

Professor Heat and mass transfer, Latent heat based storage ... View Profile

Dr Rahul Chhibber

Professor Welding and joining, Manufacturing and materials p... View Profile

Dr B. Ravindra

Professor Design, Dynamics, Vibration and Control... View Profile

Dr Suril Vijaykumar Shah

Professor Robotics, Multibody Dynamics and Control... View Profile

Prof Anand K Plappally

Professor Water, Water Management and Characterization of En... View Profile

Dr Ankur Gupta

Associate Professor Micro-system Design and Fabrication, Nanotechnolog... View Profile

Dr Harshal Akolekar

Assistant Professor Aerodynamics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Machin... View Profile

Dr Ashish Pathak

Assistant Professor Fluid-Structure Interaction, Ocean Energy, Phase-C... View Profile

Dr Atul Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics; Continuum Mechanics; Computation... View Profile

Dr Jayant Kumar Mohanta

Assistant Professor Planar Parallel manipulators; Lower limb rehabilit... View Profile

Dr Gourhari Ghosh

Assistant Professor Ultra-precision Finishing; Laser-based Additive Ma... View Profile

Dr Hirshikesh .

Assistant Professor Computational Fracture Mechanics, Computational So... View Profile

Dr Vignesh T.G.

Assistant Professor Multiphase flows; Microfluidics... View Profile

Dr Nipal Deka

Assistant Professor Crystal Plasticity; Deformation micromechanics; Co... View Profile

Dr Nipun Arora

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Riby Abraham Boby

Assistant Professor Robotics; Machine Vision; Robot calibration; Autom... View Profile

Dr Chandan Pandey

Assistant Professor Welding, Heat treatment, Nuclear grade material, M... View Profile

Dr Sudipto Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Energy Technology, Combustion Technology, Computat... View Profile

Dr Hardikkumar Bhupendra Kothadia

Assistant Professor Multiphase Flow, Boiling and Condensation, Heat Tr... View Profile

Dr Barun Pratiher

Assistant Professor Vibration, Flexible robots, Rotor dynamics, and ME... View Profile

Dr Shobhana Singh

Assistant Professor Thermal energy systems; Heat and mass transfer ana... View Profile

Dr Shrutidhara Sarma

Assistant Professor Thin film nanocomposite temperature sensors, nanoc... View Profile

Dr Amrita Puri

Assistant Professor Active noise control; Active vibration control; Ex... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar R

Assistant Professor Experimental Aerodynamics - Confined Jets, Shock W... View Profile

Prof Jaywant H. Arakeri

Visiting Professor Fluid mechanics; heat transfer; turbulent flows... View Profile

Prof Ashok Joshi

Visiting Professor Dynamics & Control of Flexible Vehicles; Navigatio... View Profile

Dr Comandur Venkatesan

Visiting Professor Helicopter Dynamics and Aeroelasticity, Design of ... View Profile