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Dr Ram Prakash

Professor Plasma Science and Technology... View Profile

Dr Sampat Raj Vadera

Professor Solid State Physics, Materials Science, Nanoscienc... View Profile

Dr Subashish Banerjee

Professor Open Quantum Systems, Quantum Information, Non-Equ... View Profile

Dr Ashtosh Kumar Alok

Professor Particle Physics and Cosmology... View Profile

Dr Ambesh Dixit

Professor Semiconductors, multifunctional ferroics and mater... View Profile

Dr Santosh Mogurampelly

Associate Professor Multiscale Modeling of Soft Matter Physics and Mat... View Profile

Dr Reetanjali Moharana

Associate Professor Astroparticle Physics, High energy Cosmic rays, Ga... View Profile

Dr Shahab Ahmad

Associate Professor Energy Storage devices, Photo Rechargeable Batteri... View Profile

Dr Prabhat Kumar Jaiswal

Associate Professor Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics and Computatio... View Profile

Dr V. Narayanan

Associate Professor Optics and Solar Field Design, Plasmonics, Laser P... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Sahu

Associate Professor Information Processing in Biological Systems... View Profile

Dr Somnath Ghosh

Associate Professor Light in disordered and complex systems, Mid-IR ph... View Profile

Dr Monika Sinha

Associate Professor Astrophysics, Astroparticle physics... View Profile

Dr Sunita .

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Theoretical soft matter and physics of living orga... View Profile

Dr Amit Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Informat... View Profile

Dr Chandan Datta

Assistant Professor Quantum Entanglement; Quantum Resource Theories; Q... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Kumar

Assistant Professor Experimental high-energy physics (Belle II Experim... View Profile

Dr B M Krishna Mariserla

Assistant Professor Light-Matter interactions, Ultrafast Spectroscopy,... View Profile

Dr Durgamadhab Mishra

Assistant Professor Magnetic thin films and nanoparticles, Permanent M... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kumar Singh

Inspire Faculty Condensed Matter Physics; Nanotechnology; Low dime... View Profile

Dr Amitava Mitra

Visiting Professor Magnetism & Application of Magnetic Materials, Ele... View Profile