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Dr Kanak Yadav

Young Faculty Associate Literature and Cities; Indian Writing in English; ... View Profile

Dr Ankita Sharma

Associate Professor Psychology, Gerontology, Clinical and Positive Psy... View Profile

Dr V Hari Narayanan

Associate Professor Philosophy, Cognitive Studies, Evolutionary Theory... View Profile

Dr K. J. George

Associate Professor Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Ethics of Technology, ... View Profile

Dr Vidya Sarveswaran

Associate Professor Ecocriticism, Environmental Humanities, Narratives... View Profile

Dr Prasenjeet Tribhuvan

Assistant Professor Anthropology of Material Objects, STS studies in S... View Profile

Dr Parichay Patra

Assistant Professor Film Studies: Transnational Cinema, Indian New Wav... View Profile

Dr Alok Ranjan

Assistant Professor Public Health, Health Economics, Health Systems, U... View Profile

Dr Suman Dhaka

Assistant Professor Broad: Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psycholog... View Profile

Dr Natasa Thoudam

Assistant Professor Disciplines: Literary Studies, Gender Studies, and... View Profile

Dr Malvika Tyagi

Assistant Professor Applied Economics, Development Economics; Politica... View Profile

Dr Ruhi Sonal

Assistant Professor View Profile

Dr Rachel Philip

Assistant Professor Sociology of Education; Education Policy; Childhoo... View Profile

Dr Gurujegan Murugesan

Assistant Professor Formal Linguistics, Syntax, Grammatical theory... View Profile


Assistant Professor Macroeconomics; Developmental Economics; Applied T... View Profile

Prof Chhanda Chakraborti

Visiting Professor Applied Ethics: Bioethics, Public Health Ethics, C... View Profile