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Dr Sanyka Banerjee

Young Faculty Associate Technology and Innovation Management, Entrepreneur... View Profile

Dr Bhargab Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor Modeling, Sequential Inference, and Change point d... View Profile

Dr Venkatesha Murthy

Associate Professor Small & Medium size Enterprises; Shared Economy;Fr... View Profile

Dr Krishna Kumar Balaraman

Associate Professor Strategic Management and Behavioral Strategy, Str... View Profile

Dr Mithu Rani Kuiti

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Green Supply Chain Management, Reliability Theory... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar Saxena

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Enterprise Systems; Digital Transformation; Critic... View Profile

Dr Byomakesh Debata

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Financial Engineering; Market Microstructure; Beha... View Profile

Dr Yerasani Sinjana

Assistant Professor Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Social Netw... View Profile

Dr Anuj Pal Kapoor

Assistant Professor Consumer Anthropology (Consumption); Consumer Psyc... View Profile

Dr Jitesh Mohnot

Assistant Professor Strategy-as-Practice; Indigenous Business Communit... View Profile

Dr Monika Tanwar

Assistant Professor Industry 4.0; Prognostics and Health Management; D... View Profile

Dr Amit Singh

Assistant Professor Applied Text Analytics... View Profile

Dr Devi Prasad Dash

Assistant Professor Economics (Urban Economics, Energy Economics, Econ... View Profile

Dr Venkat Ram Reddy Ganuthula

Assistant Professor Behavior Change; Judgment and Decision Making; Int... View Profile

Dr Bhushan Praveen Jangam

Assistant Professor International Trade; Macroeconomic Interactions; G... View Profile

Dr Seema Saini

Assistant Professor Macro-Finance; Firm Dynamics; Applied Econometrics... View Profile

Dr Manu Kanchan

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Marketing; Marketing and Policy; In... View Profile