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Prof Ajay Agarwal

Professor Microelectronics; Micro- Nano-technologies; Sensor... View Profile

Prof Manoj Choudhary

Professor Communication Systems (Wireless - 4G/5G/6G, Modem/... View Profile

Dr Mahesh Kumar

Associate Professor Working on III-nitrides, 2D Materials and energy e... View Profile

Dr Abdul Gafoor Shaik

Associate Professor Protection of various components of Power System, ... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Tiwari

Associate Professor Image Processing, Video Processing, and Signal Pro... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Communication Theory, Wireless and Mobile Communic... View Profile

Dr Deepak M Fulwani

Associate Professor Embedded Control, Control of Micro-Grids and Contr... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Kumar Yadav

Associate Professor Signal Processing, Condition Monitoring, Image Pro... View Profile

Dr Shree Prakash Tiwari

Associate Professor Dr. Tiwari's primary interests are Microelectronic... View Profile

Dr Arpit Khandelwal

Assistant Professor Group III-V Optoelectronic Devices, Fiber Optics a... View Profile

Dr Aashish Mathur

Assistant Professor Power Line Communications, Free Space Optical Comm... View Profile

Dr Rajlaxmi Chouhan

Assistant Professor Image processing, Noise-aided image processing usi... View Profile

Dr Soumava Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Microwave Communication... View Profile

Dr Arani Ali Khan

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave Engineering.... View Profile

Dr Nitin Bhatia

Assistant Professor Fiber Optics and Photonics... View Profile

Dr Manish Narwaria

Assistant Professor Multimedia signal processing... View Profile

Dr Amandeep Kaur

Assistant Professor Analog/Mixed Signal Circuit Design; Data Converter... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Nagar

Assistant Professor Computer Vision; Image Processing; Computer Graphi... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Kumar

Assistant Professor Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Compu... View Profile

Dr Amit Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Human Haptics, Computer Haptics, Haptics for Teleo... View Profile

Dr Anoop Jain

Assistant Professor Cooperative Control; Multi-Agent Systems; Formatio... View Profile

Dr Saakshi Dhanekar

Assistant Professor Nano-sensors for societal applications, device dev... View Profile

Dr Jai Narayan Tripathi

Assistant Professor VLSI Circuits and Systems, Signal Integrity, Power... View Profile

Dr Harshit Agarwal

Assistant Professor Industry standard compact modeling; Analog and RF ... View Profile

Dr Niladri Sekhar Tripathy

Assistant Professor Dynamics and Control, Mechatronics and Cyber-Physi... View Profile

Dr Sai Kiran M. P. R.

Assistant Professor Millimeter-wave Communications; Autonomous Vehicul... View Profile

Dr Binod Kumar

Assistant Professor SoC Design Verification & Testing, Hardware Secur... View Profile

Dr Ravi Yadav

Assistant Professor Power system dynamics, Wide area monitoring system... View Profile

Dr Nishant Kumar

Assistant Professor Power System Optimization and Control; Renewable E... View Profile

Dr Kunwar Aditya

Assistant Professor Power Electronics; Wireless Power Transfer; Trans... View Profile

Dr Bhupendra Singh Reniwal

Assistant Professor AI, Hardware Accelerators and IMC Circuits & Archi... View Profile

Dr Kamaljit Rangra

Visiting Professor MEMS, Transducers and Actuators... View Profile